Rum and raisin trifle

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Rum and raisin trifle
Christmas has never been more delicious. You will need a 5L trifle dish with 22cm diameter for this recipe.


400ml dark rum
150g raisins
3 x 475g packets store-bought brownie mix
1.2L thickened cream
1 cup (120g) pure icing sugar, sifted, plus extra to dust
2 tsp vanilla bean paste
Finely grated zest of 2 oranges
500g mascarpone
Chocolate coated raisins, to serve

chocolate glaze

100ml pure (thin) cream
100g dark (70%) chocolate, chopped
100ml dark rum


  1. Place rum and raisins in a bowl and soak for 30 minutes. Grease three 22cm round cake pans and line base and side with baking paper.
  2. Preheat oven and prepare brownie batter according to packet instructions, then divide among prepared pans. Drain raisins, reserving the rum, and scatter over brownies. Bake for 30 minutes or until set with a slightly soft centre. Cool completely.
  3. Place cream, icing sugar, vanilla, and zest in a stand mixer with the whisk attachment and whisk to stiff peaks. Whisk in mascarpone until stiff and thick. Fold in 100ml reserved rum.
  4. Place one brownie in the base of a 5L trifle dish, soak with 100ml of reserved rum, and spread with one-third of the cream. Repeat layering with remaining brownies, rum, and cream to create 3 layers of each, finishing with the cream. Chill.
  5. For the glaze, place sugar and 2 tbs water in a small saucepan over medium heat. Cook, swirling the pan occasionally, for 3-4 minutes until a golden caramel then add 2 tbs warm water (caramel will seize). Bring to a simmer, gradually whisk in cream and rum and bring to the boil. Place chocolate in a heatproof bowl and pour over hot caramel. Set aside for 2-3 minutes, then stir until melted and smooth. Cool to room temperature, then flood the top of the trifle dish with chocolate rum glaze. Refrigerate until needed. Scatter with chocolate raisins and dust with icing sugar, to serve.

Credits: Delicious