Speedy chorizo sandwiches

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The combination of spicy chorizo and sweet caramelised onion jam makes this an easy family dinner that’ll be enjoyed by all.


2 chorizo sausages, thinly sliced diagonally
1 sourdough baguette, cut into quarters diagonally, split crossways
280g jar caramelised onion jam
60g baby rocket leaves
330g jar chargrilled peppers (capsicums), drained, coarsely torn lengthways


  1. Heat a chargrill on high. Cook the chorizo, turning, for 5-7 mins or until golden brown and crisp.
  2. Spread the cut-side of each piece of baguette with half the caramelised onion jam. Top with the rocket and peppers. Top with the chorizo and remaining caramelised onion jam. Serve immediately.

Credits: Taste