Week 21, 2022 – Free Documentary

London Heathrow: Building The Biggest and Busiest Airport

Heathrow is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and one of Europe’s main hubs. In 2019, the airport delivered its ninth consecutive year of growth. A total of 80.9 million passengers travelled through its terminals, ranking as the first in Europe and the seventh in the world by total passenger traffic.

Heathrow was selected as the most internationally connected airport in the world by the Megahubs Index for the second year in a row. With a total of 475,900 air transport movements, it services 82 airlines, connecting our passengers with 206 destinations.

Heathrow is the United Kingdom’s largest port by value with a volume of 1.6 million metric tons, which accounts for more than 33% of all air cargo in the United Kingdom.

Commercial and aeronautical revenues reached 3.07 billion pounds in 2019.

Since acquisition in 2006, they have invested more than 12 billion pounds in projects that have transformed the passenger experience. The most relevant include: the delivery of Terminal 5, the construction and opening of Terminal 2 and the construction of the world’s largest integrated baggage system.

Heathrow contributes about 6.4 billion pounds to the country’s economy and is also the largest employer in the United Kingdom, generating 76,500 jobs. This especially impacts the local community, since 56.4% of people hired by airport companies reside in one of the five neighboring municipalities.