Week 28 – Stay warm – tips keeping warm and safe this winter

It is important to stay nice and warm this winter. Here are some tips for keeping warm and safe this winter:

  1. Wrap up warm. Dress in layers and wear a hat, gloves and scarf. When you’re indoors, wear warm socks or slippers to keep your feet cosy.
  2. Keep the cold out. Close doors and use a draught stopper by doors to block draughts. Buy thermal linings for curtains to keep the heat in.
  3. Check your heating. Make sure your heating is working well and thermostats are set correctly.
  4. Have warming food and drinks. Have regular hot drinks and food such as porridge, soups and stews.
  5. Stay active. Keep as active as possible to boost your circulation. Move around at least once an hour and avoid sitting still for long periods. Even light exercise will help keep you warm. When you do sit down, put your feet up as it’s coldest nearest the ground.
  6. Use a blanket. It is most effective to only heat the rooms you are using and slowly build or maintain the temperature rather than running the heater on really high. You can use a blanket to keep warm as well. See below.