Week 39 – Sleep & Healthy Routine

Healthy Habits

Week 3 – Sleep & a Healthy Routine

Sleep routine starts with what you do before you go to bed. Go on a mini “digital detox” by putting your phone on airplane mode 2 hours before bed. Then, wait for at least 1 hour after waking up before turning it off airplane mode. This is something you can do as a way to unwind, de-stress and avoid interfering with my natural sleep cycle. It also allows you to disconnect from the digital world, and feel less overwhelmed. All the notifications, emails and scrolling aimlessly (we’ve all been there!) does not help with getting good sleep. This mini digital detox helps you focus on getting a good night’s rest.

In the morning, hydrate your body by drinking tons of water. This also helps to wake you up and give a sense of “alertness”. Then, making your bed is a good way to set the tone for the day ahead. Completing this simple task is like checking something off your to-do list and leaves you feeling productive throughout the rest of the day.

Here are some helpful links to get started.

Source: https://www.healthnutnutrition.ca/2020/01/30/7-life-changing-healthy-habits-to-start-today/