Week 42, 2021 – Documentary

Deadliest Roads | East Timor: The Mysterious Land

It’s very difficult to locate East Timor on a world map. Wedged between Bali and Australia, this small island tries to escape from its isolation to stay connected to the outside world but resources are virtually nonexistent. Only farming and fishing allow the inhabitants to earn a few dollars per month. Timor found it difficult to recover from the terrible war, which brought the country to its knees after the Indonesian invasion between 1976 and 1999. There was an appalling loss of life β€” with between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths. Nowadays, the island is still split in half, with one part being Indonesian and the other Timor Leste, which has been independent since 2002. In the most remote villages, the residents are cut off from everything. The only option is a rocky track, which is often flooded during the wet season and even the slightest error could prove fatal. But this is the price of survival, and the farmers take the perilous journey to sell some vegetables at the market in the capital, Dili. After a 10 hour trip, a reward is not always guaranteed and there is plenty of disappointment.